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As countries across the world slide toward protectionism, Japan is unwavering in its commitment to fostering a free and healthy global community

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Dynamic bilateral ties

Despite a few diverging opinions, US President Donald Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe have fostered a friendly relationship both personally and politically. From facilitating bilateral FDI and expanding trade to working for peace in North Korea, the world’s largest and third-largest economies remain solid allies on the world stage

How Japanese businesses are preparing for a super smart society

From shifting towards solution-oriented models of business to decentralizing decision-making, Japan’s largest business federation is encouraging companies to adjust their business models in line with Japan’s vision for a super smart future in which the country and its enterprises export ideas to tackle the world’s biggest challenges

Japan is rapidly changing– it’s aging population combined with a technological revolution and the dynamism of international trade are causing seismic shifts in the country’s corporate culture. Hiroaki Nakanishi, a leader at Hitachi and the new head of the Japan Business Federation, explains the new direction of Japanese business

G20 Summit

G20 meetings highlight regional strengths

From bustling metropolises to peaceful resort towns and industrial hubs, Japan’s strengths lie in its diversity.
Nine cities and regions, all representing unique aspects of Japan, will host the 2019 G20 Summit and Ministerial Meetings. Learn more about how they are playing key roles on the world stage

“Pharmaceuticals and medical devices do not belong to any single nation, they belong to the world”

Japan’s regulatory agency is employing a holistic scientific method to get new pharmaceuticals and medical devices on the market in record time, while also minimizing risk. Dr. Tatsuya Kondo, the agency’s chief executive, explains how the approach could benefit the world and the need for global collaboration in the industry

PMDA advances regulatory science-based “rational medicine”

In 2014, Japan became the world leader in terms of getting new medical products onto the market quickly and safely, a position it still holds today. The head of Japan’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) explains how a scientific-based approach is behind this life-saving success

At the heart of Japan’s medical device innovation

Tokai Medical Products (TMP), one of Japan’s most respected medical device manufacturers, has one mission: to save as many lives as possible. Today, its innovative and technologically advanced catheters that can be used to treat heart problems, strokes, injuries and other conditions are making waves around the globe

How the pursuit of quality over profit pays off in health sector

When Nobumasa Tsutsui founded Tokai Medical Products, making money was the last thing on his mind. Fueled by a passion to find a cure for congenital heart disease, his dedication eventually led to a successful worldwide business that has saved thousands of lives. Here, he tells his inspirational story

Keidanren drives corporate Japan’s global agenda

Keidanren, the Japan Business Federation, has been Japan’s most powerful corporate voice for more than seven decades. Today, under new leadership and as a reflection of a changing world, it is increasing its focus on diplomacy in the U.S., fighting protectionism and advocating for the responsible use of digital technologies

NEXI: The backbone for Japanese companies operating abroad

Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI) plays a crucial role in getting Japanese businesses to break barriers in the international marketplace. Insuring companies that work, loan, invest and export overseas, the government-owned company mitigates the risks of creating new business and enables Japanese companies to flourish beyond national borders

Japan’s plan to continue shattering longevity records

Japan already has the highest longevity in the world, and its cutting-edge medical research is positioning it as a global leader in efforts to further extend healthy human lifespans. With stem cell research, big data and medical technology, the historically high lifespan of today is set to keep rising

The educational philosophy of a Nobel Prize factory

Nagoya University, a heavyweight in research that has produced more than one-fifth of Japan’s Nobel Prize winners has two fundamental goals: to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the happiness of all human beings. Here, its president discusses why diversity, internationalization and courageous intellectuals are key to its vision

How Osamu Nagayama led Chugai Pharma to become a global business

Osamu Nagayama, chairman of both Chugai Pharmaceutical and Sony, is one of Japan’s most visionary business leaders. Here, he explains how he carved out a unique way for Chugai to become a bigger player on the global stage

Japan’s JICA on why U.S. policy affects Asia more than Europe

As some of the world’s most important democratic nations move towards greater isolationism, Japan stands out as a clear exception. And JICA, the country’s development agency, is central to intensifying global ties. Here, its president explains the agency’s approach to boosting human security and quality economic growth around the world

Why Japan is poised to become a global leader in precision medicine

Precision medicine is set to revolutionize healthcare by offering patients tailor-made treatments and prevention methods based on their unique genetic characteristics and lifestyles. As this dream of optimizing treatment becomes closer to a reality through technological developments, Japan is setting out to become a pioneer in the burgeoning sector

Made in Japan disaster resilience

Japan’s innovative disaster relief expertise and technology is being exported around the world to save lives and prevent destruction in an increasingly unstable natural environment

How students are being prepared for Society 5.0

As Japan sets its sights on a future where technology is integrated into virtually every aspect of life, the country’s Education Ministry is considering radical changes that would shake up the traditional education system and position the country as a global role model for teaching in the digital era

Imagining year 2034 with Japan’s minister of education

On average it takes students 16 years to pass through the Japanese education system. That's why Yoshimasa Hayashi, Japan's minister of education, has his sights set on the future and is carefully transforming the system to ensure students passing through Japanese schools will be well equipped to lead in a rapidly changing world

Japan’s use of generic drugs has tripled in the last ten years. Not only is this saving the country billions of dollars, now Japanese generic drug manufacturers are investing more than ever in developing new, potentially life-saving techniques to make drugs easier to take, more convenient and more durable

Meet the man bringing Japan to the world

Hiroyuki Ishige is the Chairman and CEO of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government-affiliated agency that works to boost international trade and FDI. Here, he discusses investment opportunities, the Japanese brand, regional cooperation, and why the U.S. may want to consider rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Japan’s response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Japan is taking a close look at its neighbor’s global infrastructure plan and deciding how to best take advantage of the opportunities it could bring. At the same time, Japan is also driving forward high-quality infrastructure initiatives of its own that aim to be models for responsible overseas development

“It’s no longer enough to gain knowledge, we have to create it ourselves”

Founded on the principles of freedom and innovation, Ritsumeikan University has evolved considerably during its nearly 150 years of history while remaining true to its core values. The university’s president Mikio Yoshida describes the university’s transformation into one of the country’s most international and innovative institutions of higher education

“No country can put itself first while ignoring the rest of the world”

The Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN) is tasked with promoting PPP projects around the world. Takuma Hatano, its president and CEO, highlights Japan’s efforts to get more of its companies and their high-quality services on the global stage

The Japanese university using manga to make global connections

From manga to cosplay, Meiji University in Tokyo is using the Cool Japan brand to establish international academic partnerships around the world. Keiichiro Tsuchiya, the university’s president, explains the power of culture, diversity and liberty in education and why integrity is fundamental for creating global human resources