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Intelligence on Global Japan provides exclusive information on Japanese trends, innovations and their global impact

Intelligence on Global Japan is a digital platform examining how Japan, faced with changing demographics and rapid technological change, is increasingly turning its gaze outward and working to find solutions to global problems. Through interviews with leading personalities and on-the-ground research, it explores those solutions and what they will mean for global business and society. 

As one of the world’s most advanced societies, Japan is addressing tomorrow’s problems today, positioning itself as a role model for how to deal with the most pressing challenges of the 21st-century. The tasks at hand include supporting an unprecedentedly aged society, using AI and other cutting-edge technologies for the good of humanity, and deepening global integration and cooperation. 

Intelligence on Global Japan shares insights on those issues from Japanese thought leaders, high-profile management figures, university presidents, government officials and other outstanding individuals who are carving out the future of Japan and the world. 

Part of the content that appears on this platform will also be published in a series of business reports on Global Japan that will appear in the American edition of Foreign Policy magazine and on

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