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Sakae, Nagoya’s lively downtown retail and entertainment district. Photo: GNIC

The Heartland of Advanced Manufacturing

In June, Japan’s commercial center will welcome the G20 leaders who represent two-thirds of the global population

Every single year since 1977, Aichi – the Japanese prefecture with a population of over seven million – has led the nation in terms of exports. Last year, its industrial output reached nearly $400 billion.

Most of the exports are fueled by Aichi’s world-class manufacturing, which excels in automotive products but is also quickly gaining importance in the aerospace, robotics and medical industries. The region’s central location and strong human resources are often credited as factors underpinning its success.  

“The progress of IT technology such as AI and big data is about to fundamentally change industry”

Hideaki Ohmura, Governor of Aichi Prefecture

Yet these manufacturing strengths are also a 21st-century expression of Aichi’s deeply engrained cultural traditions, which promote precision, discipline and beauty. Aichi is notable for having produced many of the samurai leaders who laid the foundation for modern Japan and as an important contributor to the Japanese tea ceremony tradition. Its rich cultural monuments, such as the Atsuta Shrine and Nagoya Castle, also stand testament to the driven cultural attitude.

As host of the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meetings and home to major global companies, the prefecture has taken initiative to foster positive international relations. For example, in 2017 Aichi signed an MOU with Kentucky to further enhance their partnership. At the time, 59 manufacturing companies from Aichi were operating a total of 94 facilities in Kentucky.

As a further boost to Aichi’s international connections the Aichi Sky Expo, a 646,000-square-feet exhibition center, will open in September 2019. It will be the only convention and exhibition center in Japan to have direct access to an international airport.

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